Friday, January 13, 2012

Under Pressure

(Note:  I tried to figure out  how to add music to this post, since I keep hearing Queen's "Under Pressure" playing when I think about typing this.  Obviously, I failed.  I have no idea how to add music.)

We're back in Singapore.  At home.  Yes, Home.  One of us has trouble calling Singapore home while the other has no problem whatsoever with that.  Any guesses which is which?  I might send a prize if you get it right.

 It's taken me longer to get back into the swing of things than it should have.  Perhaps it is the extra winter clothes we returned with that don't yet have a home.  Or, maybe it's the pile of Christmas junk presents that my kids received that need to be put away.  There's a chance that it's the birthday party details that keep derailing me.  Or maybe it's the fact that we've unplugged (figuratively) the TV, and B3's cries of "Mooeee" have been replaced with "Mommy!  Pay ME!" (play with me!). The joy of pottytraining an unwilling subject just adds to our fun.  Whatever the cause, all of the blog posts in my head haven't yet made it to the screen yet.  Be patient. 

Three months ago, I wouldn't even have acknowledged the hiatus.  That was before we went to Georgia for Christmas and I heard, repeatedly, comments like these:

  • "Love your blog!"
  • "I quote your blog at work."
  • "Some of my friends read it every week!"
  • "She asks me nearly every day - 'Anything new on the blog?'"
  • "Keep up the blogging - we enjoy it!"
It was a little startling and unexpected.  I thought you were just being nice.  Then, just today, I've heard one "When will you write again?" during a Facetime chat, and I had one "Will you ever blog again??" email
Uh Oh.  See why I needed the "Under Pressure" theme song for today? 

I had no idea anyone would read.  Honestly, I'm surprised you do.  And I wonder who you are?  . I just checked, and there have been 107 visits to this little blog since 01/01/12, and there's been nothing to see. Who ARE you?  Let me know; leave a comment.  I'm a little freaked out by the fact that anyone whose last name isn't Patton or Marion is even slightly interested. 

Anyway, the adventures will be chronicled once again very soon. I need to tell you about German Christmas fairs, Christmas eve bonfires, The top of the Eiffel Tower, and jet lag. About monkeys and red envelopes and Barbies and John Deere Tractors.

But now, I've got to go find a home for some of those Winter clothes and a find a home for a little Christmas tree that we neglected to pack up last weekend.   I've also got to think of a reasonable explanation for the "Why" I've been asked twice since last Sunday, when I told AK that no, she could not wear her new tiara to Sunday School.  Any suggestions?


thestunzfamily said...

I'm a reader! :) you're in my google reader though so I only read it when you post a new one.

Pack your winter clothes in your stored luggage. You have to store them anyway. Also, next time you go home, get space bags. If you don't have them already. Don't even bother getting them here. They're expensive and poor quality.

A possible tiara compromise: AK can wear her Tiara to church and home from church but not during church. Compromise? I've seen Ben carrying a nice purse before, surely he can carry a tiara. :) As for the "why", i'm not really sure. We operate under a "choose your battle" mentality and I think I'd choose not to fight this one. If she can't be a princess in church (very biblical!), where then? :)

Chrystal said...

First of all, count me in as one of the avid readers of this blog . . even though my last name isn't Patton or Marion.

Second, how on earth do you find out how many readers you have?

Third, you are the one that can easily call Singapore home and AK is the one that knows home is here in CHARLOTTE!!! Probably big Ben knows it too (that Charlotte is home), but he may be pretending. :)

Jean said...

Glad to have you back and yes, I log on every day....if you go to the log-ins, you will even see that I logged in while in the Dominican Republic. It is still a mystery who is logging in from Hazlehurst. We have to figure that out one day. Your blog is so interesting, well written and such a joy to read! Don't think for one minute that no one is interested. We love it!! By the way, it is still a mystery why Westminster does not show up on the log-in page. I guess we don't count in this little corner of the world!

Jean said...
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Alicia said...

1. I did not know there was such a song.
2. Ben Marion doesn't call Singapore "home."
3. Why CAN'T she wear the tiara to Sunday School?

Donna said...

You know I'm an avid reader;). I love hearing about your life over's exciting!!

Isn't it crazy yo see who is reading your blog and what countries they're from?? Crazier yet, what words are googled to find your blog. I've had FUNNY spanking and boy wearing underwear. Okay, maybe creepy is a better word than funny:)

Oh, and go to Make a playlist and then add the code to your blog.

Chelle said...

Count me as an avid reader! I'm glad you're back, but I know all too well how it is to have a million posts in your head and no time or energy to get them typed up. That's why I tend to post 5 or 6 backdated posts at a time!

Leone Fabre said...

I read your blog .... am in Singapore ... but still find it interesting to read. Am always interested in how people cope as 'expats', where the problems may be, what their interests are etc .. it helps me with my articles for NotaTourist.Sg too.

Everyone copes very differently, there is no wrong way or right way.

As for HOME .. well (to me) HOME is where my heart is, where we put our head down to sleep the majority of the time, where the love of my life is, where we spend our days, so HOME is Singapore.

I didn't go 'home' to Australia at Christmas time, but I did come back HOME to Singapore.

Soon (next month) we will be departing the Little Red Dot and repatriating to Australia and yes, I will miss my HOME in Singapore .... but soon will be calling Australia HOME!

Keep blogging ther are many people here that enjoy your writings. :)

Sarah Minton said...

I'm a reader!! Love it and Lacy loves to hear what new things cousin Ben is in to. Hate that we didn't make it to Georgia while you were in so she could finally meet this cousin she loves so much!! Keep posting....