Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Party Time!

AK turned six last week, and we celebrated on Saturday. She invited 12 friends, and ten joined us for an afternoon of beads, games, and sprinkles.  I've learned that nearly everyone invited to a party will attend; it's not like anyone will be in the next city visiting Grandma or anything like that. 

We made cupcake necklaces.

We played games.  Loud games. I've never heard such noise. It was a happy sound, but boy, they were loud!

And then, we finally got to the most important part of the party. Cupcakes!  The girls were given plain cupcakes,
 and we had lots and lots of pink and lavender icing for them to decorate with.

Here's my favorite cupcake of the day. One sweet girl completely emptied the icing dispenser onto her cupcake, and she did so quite well. Her mother was mortified, but I was prepared. We had lots of icing. 

 Then, the sprinkles appeared. Tons of sprinkles! We had cows, dolphins, stars, chicks, pigs, and other animals. There were at least 20 different kinds of sprinkles, and they were sprinkled liberally.

After the decorating, it was time to celebrate!  Each girl decorate three cupcakes:  one to enjoy at the party and two to take home. 

Even the little brother enjoyed the party.  He sat patiently and waited on his turn to decorate,

And he was a quick learner in Duck, Duck, Goose (never mind he just 'duck'ed everyone  - even when he wasn't 'it').

The girls had a great time, despite my anxiety about the day. As much as I enjoy planning and preparing party foods, the games and entertainment aspects of the party made me nervous.  Five and six year olds are a tough crowd!   

I also learned a valuable lesson last week as the party approached. Never, ever try to prepare for two parties (we had a Sunday School gathering as well- that means four recipes of icing, three kinds of cake, cake pops, and sausage balls [which required making both sausage and baking mix]) without a dishwasher and potty train a Boy when your husband is out of town.  Not Fun. Thankfully, I think we'll have the potty training behind us by the time the next party comes around.  At least, I certainly hope so.

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