Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Travelling Light

Ben is travelling for two weeks, and it's been a challenge for us to stay busy and sane. So, on Saturday, we headed to the zoo after swimming lessons.  We've been to the zoo more than once already, but this time was different.  We took peanut butter sandwiches and water bottles, but we left the stroller and diapers at home. 

What? Did you miss that last sentence?  We left the stroller and diapers at home.

And it was intentional.  Operation Potty is complete!  Never mind that he seems to have a goal to visit every single restroom on this island.  Never mind that when he visits one he particularly likes, he makes sure he visits it several times in quick succession.  Maybe even three or four times during a single meal if he really likes it. Good times.

Anyway, the Zoo.  The Kids'  Area at the zoo has a really neat water play area.  There are all sorts of squirting features, slides, and a huge bucket that tumps and splashes every few minutes.

I secretly packed their swimsuits, knowing that they'd both want to play.  Truthfully, the very idea of that water area skeeves me absolutely, completely, 100% out.  And I knew they'd love it. 

After they played a while, we dried off and continued our tour of the zoo.  As we made our way towards the kangaroos, the skies promptly opened up and began to drench us.  Thankfully, a tram driver had mercy on us and made an unscheduled stop for us.  We took advantage of our free ride (regular price:  $11!) and rode the entire loop, eating crackers until the rain stopped.   Honestly, by then I was wishing we had brought the stroller;  if nothing else, it could have pushed around the sopping wet backpack full of wet swimsuits and towels. 

AK seemed to really enjoy her day, and she kept me laughing.  Examples:
  • While eating a our picnic sandwiches:  "Mama, thank you for fixing this yummy home cooked meal!"
  • After reading all of the informative signs at an exhibit:  "Mama, did you know that the Pygmy Hippo is the Underwater Ballerina of West Africa?"
  • During our visit to the giraffes:  "Mama, I bet that the inside of a giraffe is really...is really....squishy!"
B3, too, must have had a great time; he's suggested at least a dozen times since Saturday that we go back.  Like, *right now*.  We're going back on Friday - just the two of us. 

We're managing okay on our own, but we'll all be ready for Ben when he comes home!


kathryn patton said...

This may the best yet! I'm still laughing!

Jean said...

Glad you are back...been missing you!

Alicia said...

Tell Ben we are all proud of him! And tell AK I bet the giraffe isn't the only thing that's "squishy" on the inside!

Chrystal said...

Way to go Ben!!! And way to go mama too!! AK cracks me up; I miss that girl.