Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Move Over, Martha Stewart!

Today, AK was all smiles when she bounced off of the bus.  That's the way she nearly always is in the afternoons, so today was no different.  She immediately started telling me about a recipe she had that we just must try.  I thought I was paying attention, but suddenly I realized that I must have misunderstood something somewhere along the way as I tried to listen and keep B3's toes out of the pool as I walked.  Certainly she didn't just say "Rice Crispies", "chocolate", and "Velveeta" in the same sentence?

When I asked her where she got this fabulous recipe, she grinned and tapped her head.  "My brain!", she said proudly.  "I imagined it!" 

At supper time, I finally remembered to ask about it again. She was more than happy to dig it out of her backpack.

 It reads: 
 Majic Food
 [Those squiggles beneath 'Magic Food' are "what you always see coming out of a scientist's experiment..." she said]
1 cup rice crisBise
1 3/4 sugerr
2 cups choclet
 2 cups velveta
sugar in bowl

She's so excited to try her creation, so we've decided that Saturday will be Marion Test Kitchen Day.  We have cautioned, however, that we'll be making a trial run with much smaller amounts while trying to maintain proportions.  Perhaps tablespoons instead of cups will work.  I may be able to convince her to cut the sugar back a little, but the girl does have a sweet tooth.  

 I promise to let you know how the final product turns out.    If I survive the taste test!


Chrystal said...

Sounds very magical!! I can't wait to hear how she likes it. :)

kathryn patton said...

Inga would love to try it! We have the same idea about the sugar!