Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vending Fun

I'm learning each day how boring our life as Americans is.  Maybe it's not that American life is boring; perhaps it's that I haven't lived in a big city (if Atlanta even counts) in 15 years.  Maybe it's just that suburbia is so different from our everyday life here. 

For example, when the Redbox video vending machines appeared in every Wal Mart/Harris Teeter/gas station in Charlotte, I marvelled at what a cool invention that was.  It was cheap and convenient, and oh, so high tech and urban.  Our movie watching increased dramatically once the we figured out how to reserve movies online.  AK even learned to choose a movie while I paid for my groceries, and I gave in to her requests more often than not.  We haven't yet discovered any video vending machines here yet, but it's a perfect market for it.  I can just imagine one at each MRT (train) station, right where commuters walk every day of the week. Perfect!  Are you reading, Redbox?  Come on over!

Anyway, we don't have Redbox, so if you get an itch to watch a movie that isn't currently in the theater or available on demand, I'm not sure what you'd do.  I guess there are movie rental places, but I haven't noticed one nearby.  BUT...if you're hungry for a sandwich and you're missing that crucial main ingredient - the bread - you're in luck!

Just go down to the first floor car park (parking garage) in our complex and buy a loaf of bread from the vending machine.  Freshness guaranteed!  While we don't use this often since varieties from this particular bakery often contain milk, it's a very convenient vending machine to have.  

Right next to it, there's a machine that vends fresh fruit.  We've never used this one, but if we suddenly have a craving for watermelon at 3 am, here's a solution.

The last vending machine I've found  that is worth sharing is perhaps the most important.  How many times have you found yourself out shopping and realized that you really, truly, honestly, right now, without delay or hesitation, must have....

a new bunny keychain?

If you find yourself in need, just head on over to Balestier Avenue.  I'm sure the selection varies daily due to high turnover and demand, so hurry!  


Laura said...

I feel like we are missing out in our condo - we have none of those!

Chrystal said...

That is hilarious. Who needs the elf store when you have vending machines?!?

Alicia said...

So what kinds of coin or currency will I need to do all of my vending machine shopping when I come?