Thursday, December 8, 2011

For PaPa

While Ben was travelling recently, I threw some packing paper and art supplies on the floor in hopes of cooking dinner without interruption.  I should probably admit that I kept a few sheets too many of packing paper when we unloaded our boxes; I couldn't help it.  It's big, it's free, and it's perfect for craft projects.  I have a bit of a problem when it comes to throwing things out.  Some might say I'm destined for an episode of Hoarders, but I just like to think I learned it from a school teaching mom who could (and did!) repurpose nearly anything. 

Anyway, the paper went on the floor with the markers.  (Whenever we move from here, I'm going to miss these marble floors.  I haven't turned AK and B3 loose yet with anything from our art cabinet that hasn't cleaned easily.  Hooray!)  Dinner was cooked, and I was then called in for the Art Show.  As I always do, I asked AK, "So, what do you call your picture?" 

Her answer?  "Memories of America".  I may have wanted to cry for a short second; I worry about what she's missing:  playing with cousins, sharing secrets with grandparents, playing with friends she's known forever.  Then I saw her drawing and instantly knew what she was remembering. Instead, I laughed.

It's a picture of the bonfire her Uncle Stephen and PaPa built earlier in the year.  The fire was, in reality, not that close to her playhouse, but I love that she included that detail.  If you look closely, you can see AK and her cousin hiding behind PaPa.  "It was hot", she said.  "We didn't want to get too close."  She has a healthy respect  dislike for fire, so I suppose the big fire certainly made an impression on her. 

I think it was worth saving the paper for; don't you?

B3's drawing was a bit more abstract, but he insisted I take its picture as well.  If he knew I was blogging, he would want it included.  So, here it is.

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