Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Orchids in the Rain

Monday morning, B3 had a speech therapy appointment, so we we left bright and early to explore the Botanic Gardens.   Of course, it started to rain just as the gardens came into sight.  Rather than abandon our plan altogether, we trudged through with umbrellas in hand.  We saw lots of people practicing tai chi, walking, and running in the park; we were far from alone in the rain. 

The Gardens are huge, but we spent most of our time in the Orchid Garden.  Thanks to a school holiday, admission was free.  Hooray for free on an island where not much is!

Here are some favorite shots from the day.  Even when the camera lens fogged from the humidity, some pictures turned out okay.


B3 has thoroughly enjoyed having his Biggest Cousin all to himself in the gardens as his sister has finished up her first year of school.  He hasn't needed me; he reaches for Emma's hand instead of mine, and "Emma will help me!"  has replaced "Mommy help me!" as his favorite phrase.  It's been fun to watch them together, and I know that AK will be more than thrilled to join in our fun when school is out!

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kathryn patton said...

Do these bloom year round? I want to go when I'm in Singapore.