Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Waiting is Over!

When we first found out we were moving to Singapore, several family members threatened to come visit.  We made sure to choose an apartment where we could have a little (emphasis on little) extra space when we had visitors. We hoped that someone would make good on their promises to spend 24+ hours folded up in an airplane seat to come explore Singapore.   We also warned everyone that they'd better come soon; there's no way to know how long (or how short) this assignment will be. 

Last Thursday, I went to the airport to pick up our first guests.  I found the carousel where their baggage was to be collected, and I waited.  I watched kids at baggage claim make monkey motions at their parents on the Starbucks side of the glass wall where I sat.  I watched an older man write notes and hold them up to the window for his family on the other side to read.  I watched and I watched; the people watching was superb.  And I waited.  And waited. I saw their bags come out and circle numerous times.  I think that my sister and niece must have been the last ones to wander over to claim their bags.  At least, it felt that way.  We'd been planning this trip for months, and they were finally here!

AK and B3 have been making big, big plans for their cousin. B3 has said, "Emma will ride that with me!" every time we've ridden past The Flyer for months.  AK has dreamed of an evening swim with Emma. I've been preparing, too.  I've bought Groupon coupons, cleaned out closets to make space for their stuff, and stocked up on luxuries and necessities like laundry detergent, toilet paper, and Dr. Pepper.  They arrived sharing gifts of chocolate chips and mac and cheese and stories of an extra long layover in Paris.

So far, we've visited the Merlion,  gone to the top of the Marina Bay Sands, seen Harry Potter,wandered around the Botanic Gardens in the rain, and we've had our toenails painted. So far, so good! 

They've been introduced to the grocery store, tried sea weed flavored chips, and posed with the bag as proof.  Note the jet lag in her eyes. It hit them hard and ugly, but they survived!

The cousins have enjoyed being reunited, too!

At the Beach

At The Pool

Admiring the MBS

At Boat Quay
In nearly all of my pictures, at least one of my kids is staring with admiration at their biggest cousin.  They are SO glad that she's here to explore Singapore with us! 

Tomorrow, it's off to the zoo for some of us; AK has just 3 more days of school and then she'll join us in our adventures. 


kathryn patton said...

I know you are all having a great time. All the pictures and reporting just make me more determined to visit.

Chrystal said...

I'm so jealous . . and so is Savannah!! We wish we were there too!