Monday, August 6, 2012

NDP Preview

This year, Singapore turns 47 on August 9th, and Singapore goes all out for its birthday.  The various government apartment buildings display lots of flags

 ...and every condo and office building will have some sort of celebration. Ours has flags and banners this year. 

  It's a national holiday, but the main event is a huge National Day Parade that takes place during the evening hours.  It's not an American style parade; it's more of a presentation.  A precious few tickets are available for stadium style seating in front of a huge floating platform.

It's such a big deal that there are many practices and previews before the 9th gets here.  We've enjoyed the air show of helicopters and fighter jets from our windows a few times this summer, and even the practice fireworks never disappoint.  Alicia and Emma were even able to see the airshow one morning while they were here.  Perfect timing!

On the Saturday before National Day, we went down to Marina Bay to watch some of the preview from the cheap seats (aka not inside the actual parade area).  We had noodles and rice and spring rolls as we watched the show.  The people watching was spectacular!

All 6 of the parachute guys all landed on the platform. I have no idea how they land with such precision.
AK was concerned that they were on fire.  "I see the smoke, Mama!", she said after I told her there was no fire.  Smart girl had a healthy fear of fire, so she thought they'd all be crispy by the time they landed.

It's always a favorite moment when the helicopters fly over carrying a huge Singapore flag.  That's the Art Science Museum under the flag.

B3 loves the "army boats!", and they did not disappoint.

Even the blue trash boat, which we see nearly daily, made B3 happy.

Neither kid was a fan of the 21(?) gun salute.

Then the planes came....
  There are about five flyovers, and they're all impressive.  Two of the planes above split off.  Then, there's a couple that suddenly turn 90 degrees - straight up - and look like they'll just go on forever.  And then there's the one that does a loop around upside down.  It's loud, and it's crazy!  We've seen the planes several time, and every time we all find ourselves at our apartment window looking for more long after they're done.  Who knew when we chose this apartment that the extra entertainment would be so good?   After the boats, the show moves mostly to the platform.  There are lots of songs and dances.  We headed home in hopes of making it before the fireworks.  We had little teeth brushed and kids in pajamas and sitting on the sofa before the first firework popped, so it was perfect.    While it was certainly worth the trip to see the festivities at Marina Bay, we all agree our view is much better from our sofa.  We can't wait until practice starts in June 2013 for next year's show!

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Samuel Marion said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that sure sounded like the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song on the boat video. Love it.