Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Making It Real

In mid Febrary, Ben brought a "Maybe" home from work with him.  It was a big Maybe, and we've discussed, hashed, and rehashed that Maybe for two months now.  Somewhere in there, the Maybe turned into "Probably".
Until last Friday, when Probably turned into "Almost Definitely".
As in, We're Almost Definitely moving.
To Singapore.
Tonight, it became a little more real when I actually said the words "We're moving" to my Bible Study friends.
Singapore is 10,000 miles from family.  10,000 miles from Harris Teeter.  10,000 miles from nearly everything that is familiar and comfortable.
And, that's ok with me. 
Part of the reason it's ok with me is that seventeen summers ago, I spent 12 weeks in Singapore as a BSU summer missionary. It's undeniable that that experience has enabled me to know without a doubt that we'll be ok in Singapore.  We'll be better than ok; we'll love it.  Will we miss family birthday celebrations?  Certainly.  Will we wish sometimes we were in Charlotte instead? Absolutely- especially in the fall when the leaves are changing. When the air is cooler.  When there's football to watch on Saturdays. 
Not that there's an absence of all apprehension; I have plenty.  I'm anxious about what we'll take with us and what we'll do with the stuff we leave behind. I'm anxious about making those decisions in every cabinet and closet in every room of this house.  I'm anxious about spending t w e n t y-f o u r loooooooooooooong hours in transit with B3. 
I've got plenty of questions, that's true. But I'm thankful that God began to prepare me for this new adventure seventeen years ago.

Who would have thought??

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