Friday, June 10, 2011


After weeks of waiting, it's finally official.  Ben signed a contract while  in London this week, and we're really moving.  There's so much to do!  First, we need a school for Anna Kate. There are applications to fill out, forms to gather, and passports to obtain. 
Tonight, I thought I'd mark another item off the list and go get B3 and AK's passport pictures made.
Turns out, that was an ambitious goal. 
We started out at CVS.  Sure, the teen behind the counter said, we do passport pictures. 
Only the 5 and under crowd is obviously not their target audience.
They each had to stand in a rickety folding chair to be tall enough to have the backdrop behind them.  AK did beautifully; her picture is exactly as it should be for a passport:  not flattering at all, and yet, it looks just like her.
B3, on the other hand, will get yet another go tomorrow. 
He danced.
He wiggled.
He grinned.  With his fingers in his ears.
I gave up. 
I can only imagine that standing in line for the actual passports on Saturday (provided we get pictures tomorrow) will be as much fun as we had tonight.  At least Ben will be home to accompany me to the Post Office. Hooray!

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