Monday, August 8, 2011

Welcome to Over Here

Over Here.
It’s quite an adventure – moving. Even if it’s just a move to a new house around the corner, it’s still a big deal. You find stuff you lost in the last move, and you move boxes you never unpacked from last time. You get rid of stuff even if you’re not ready to because moves are not kind to packrats and impracticality (ask me how I know).

Our move to Singapore is no different. It’s a new city for our family, and I want to chronicle some of our explorations and experiences. I want our families to be able to see current pictures and know what we’re up to, but I also want to just jot down some details so that we don’t forget. I regret not keeping better journals in Mexico. The memories there are many; we bought a maid at the grocery store, we were stared at in awe by a boy in Veracruz who had likely never seen a white face before (“Son gringos??!!”, he asked, obviously thrilled), and I cried over cheese, Cheerios, and chocolate milkshakes. But those evens aren’t recorded anywhere except in our minds. I know this adventure is different; Anna Kate and Ben add a dimension to expat living that will be uncharted territory for us. I want to remember for them, for us. So, here it is. Our family’s blog:

Over Here.
What’s behind the title, you ask? Well, let me give you a few examples of questions we’ve heard this summer:

• What’s the weather like over there?
• What language do they speak over there?
• Do they have schools over there?
• Do you know that you can’t chew gum over there?

And on and on. So, we’re moving “Over There”. Except, now, we’re “Over Here”.
We hope you’ll join us on this crazy trip to the other side of the world. Be warned: the purpose is largely to keep our families up to date with us, so if reports of kindergarten and speech therapy bore you, just remember that next week’s post might be more interesting. Or, it won’t be. Who knows? Maybe I’ll answer some of those “Over There” questions along the way, too.
**The header pictures are temporary and borrowed until we have our own album of fun Singapore sites. Stay tuned…

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