Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween 2011 -Sneak Peek

I'm not really a fan of Halloween; goblins and ghosts aren't my thing.  I don't want to be scared or tricked, and the treats that aren't of the high quality chocolate kind are not for me.  I have always loved, however, creative costumes.  My mom was the best at creating costumes as we were growing up, and I fondly remember being a Hershey Kiss, Pinocchio (for a book fair, not Halloween), a skeleton, ladybug, and others.  I'm enjoying carrying on the tradition with AK and B3.

This year, since we're in a new place , I tried to con AK into givng an encore performance as The Man in The Yellow Hat by simply recycling last year's costume.

She resisted, of course.  I finally caved when I realized that her sleeves were now 3/4 length, and the pants would only work if she never tried to sit down. Besides, we don't have boots and it's far too hot for George to wear that costume. 

So, today we went shopping.  Want to know what the Marion Kids will be this year?  Here's a hint:
I better start sewing!

By the way, I'm keeping the yellow outfit.  I think I can con B3 into wearing it in 2 years!  Besides, we moved that hat 10,000 miles.  Someone's gotta wear it.


Karen Willis said...

Oooo, can't' wait to see what they wear to E's party!

Karen Willis said...

Oooo can't wait to see what they will wear to E's Party. Are Mom and Dad dressing up too?