Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mail Call

I've been wondering who delivers the mail. We don't get much in our mailbox that is actually addressed to us. In fact, I can count on one hand (with two fingers left over) how many pieces of real, personal,  mail we've received.  I'm not including bills; we get those monthly.  Yet, we still check it daily.

If AK is around, she always asks, "Is it for me???", and all three times we've gotten "real" mail, it has been for her.  I vividly remember how much fun it was to get my very own mail when I was her age, and it's fun watching her have that same joy.  Last week, it was a Halloween card from her cousin.  It was addressed to her and her brother, and she hugged it to her heart and said, "Oh!  I DO love to check the mail....well, when it's for ME, I do...."  (sidenote:  Please believe me when I say that we work extra hard so she's not disillusioned into believing that the world revolves around her little nearly-6-year-old self.  However, I gotta say, I'm in 100% agreement with her on this one.  It's a drag when the only thing in our box is a real estate ad; we're not in the market for a million dollar condo.)

Where was I? Oh, yes.  Who brings the mail?  I haven't seen a mail truck; I wondered if they only came under the cover of darkness or in unmarked trucks.  Turns out neither is the case.  He comes by scooter.  Isn't it cute?!

I've even seen him here more than once a day, and I can only imagine that his little scooter holds the mail for only a few buildings at a time. 

He parks his scooter right outside our elevator lobby, which is adjacent to our mailboxes.
That's not the mailman, by the way.  That's the boy who can't resist trying to open every single box.  Every single day. Sometimes, he hits the jackpot, and we have to convince him not to take the neighbors' mail.

We're not sure what happens if we receive a package bigger than our little bitty box, but maybe one day we'll find out. 

By the way, this wasn't intended to be a shameless plea for our families to send us mail, but if that's the unintended result, then I know two kids who would be unbelievably thrilled. And, if you're one of the two sweet people who have taken the extra time to send a little something,  thank you!  It makes our day.

PS. $0.98 to send a regular letter from the US.  Just sayin'.


Chrystal said...

Okay, I'm dying to know if our card arrived with postage due . . or if it's going to be returned to us. I hope it arrived and made AK's day!!! Next time I go to the post office I'm going to stock up on stamps that add to .98!!

Jean said...

I have the 98 cents but don't have the address! Would love to make them smile!

Leone said...

This was a big discussion here just over 12 mths ago ..... one of my FB friends even mentioned that her 6 years old had never rec'd a letter, card or anything in the mail ...

So since then I have sent her something every month ... maybe just a postcard from where ever we have traveled, but it sure brightens her day.

There is a website called POSTCROSSING where people send post cards from all over the world .. great idea actually ... do have a lok at it when you have time.

and because of the discussion last year, it prompted me to upload a blog post on that very same issue:


Leone said...

... and as a PS:

after about December 5 or 6, you can send cards for 50 cents to anywhere in the world... mainly to enciurage people to send Christmas cards.

Does not have to be just Christmas Cards either.

So start writing cards now and have them ready to post after the date they announce for Christmas posting!!

Amy said...

Kristin, I've enjoyed reading your latest posts! You have a funny way with words!! Send me your address and I will get my girls to brush up on their snail mail skills and send your kiddos a card or picture.
Amy Steuer