Saturday, May 26, 2012

Army Day

The Singapore Army is having its Open House this weekend, so we decided to go check it out.  The event is held in the Formula One pits, which we can see from our windows, and we've been watching them set up for a while now.  In fact, we've enjoyed the practice parachute runs, helicopter fly bys and fire works trials.  Gotta love a country that practices fireworks shows right outside of our window. We've seen them three times this week, and there's another tomorrow night.

When we first got there, we went straight for the landing vehicle rides, only to discover that B3 was way too short to participate. The boys went off to explore helicopters while the girls waited in line, but a little black rain cloud soon suspended the rides.  Too bad! 

Our morning was off to a dud of a start, but the Kids' Area remedied that quickly. There was a bounce house,

and face painting.  Army camo, of course!

These soldiers were more than happy to pose with our crew (friends joined us for our Army Adventure).  In fact, we were very impressed with all of the men in camo that we encountered.  They were polite, friendly, helpful, and always smiling.  It seems they've taken a page from the Disney Public Relations book too; everyone had stickers, tattoos, pins, badges or magnets to pass out.

The dads took a turn at target shooting; that's likely the only time while we're in Singapore that B2 will have a chance to do that.  There were helicopters, tanks, trucks, and all sorts of things to crawl in and out of.

We continued our morning adventure with some lunch. B3 enjoyed his favorite Singapore food:  satay. He's definitely his Father's son. He loves food on a stick!  He thinks that Popsicles should be a daily occurrence, and he would eat corn dogs just as often if allowed. 

 B2 and AK finished their day with a quick spin in an armoured personnel vehicle.  Again, B3 was too small to ride.  There's an excellent photo of B2 stylin' in a hairnet, and I'll add it if I can get a copy. 

It was a fun day out with the army. It was obvious that Singapore is very proud of their military, and we enjoyed seeing a little bit of their equipment. 

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kathryn patton said...

Sounds like a fun day. The little ones looked happy to, be there. You all seem to find plenty to do!