Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Picture Time

For the past 10 months, our kids have had their picture made hundreds of times.  You've seen some evidence of these photos here. Some of those photos, however, none of us will ever see.  The reason??  Because complete strangers have taken an astounding number of snapshots of our kids.  Nearly every time we're out in a crowd - at the zoo, Disney, the park,  - someone is going to sneak a photo of one or both of them.  At first, it was shocking.  Now, it's just annoying.  I enjoy blocking their shots whenever I can. I wonder how many folks have shots of my derriere instead of the cute Caucasian kid?

Yesterday, AK had a school holiday to observe Vesak Day.  Some of our normal schedule was still in place, so we had a morning speech therapy appointment.  We met Daddy for a quick lunch and then headed over to Merlion Park to catch a river cruise.  As we walked across the river, There were three women walking towards us.  One of them started to squeal and point.  Another clapped.  The third fished for her camera.   It was the typical reaction to "cute".  I looked around, halfway expecting to see cuddly Yellow Lab Puppies, a  baby bear cub, or even maybe Justin Beiber.  The only things I saw were my children.

My children??  Certainly the women weren't reacting that way to my kids.  But, oh, they were.  One immediately asked if they could have a picture with AK and B3.  They've been photographed lots, but it was the first time anyone had been kind enough to ask first.  It was also the first time anyone wanted to be in the picture with them. To say I was amused would be an understatement.

How could I say no?  They were polite, and they actually asked.  Immediately, one picked up B3 and started to squeeze him.  Another hugged AK while the third shoo'ed someone off of a bench (!) so the five of them could sit. 

And the cameras came out.  All three of them.  Of course, I made them sit just a moment longer while I snapped one with my phone. 

It's obvious that AK enjoyed the attention; 6 year old girls like to be called "adorable" and squealed over.  Apparently, the same does not apply to 3 year old boys.


Chrystal said...

That is hilarious!!! How long did it take you to figure out that people were taking pictures of your precious kids? They are pretty cute!!! :) I miss those sweet faces.

kathryn patton said...

I can agree with the "adorable" part, but I'm the Inga!