Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kindergarten Lessons

In just eleven days, the school year will be over.  I can't believe that we'll have a first grader in our house!  it's been a good year.  She's made lots of friends, she's been a munchkin, and she's learned that math is fun.  In fact, I just learned tonight that she thinks math is great, thanks to a discussion as we read Little Town on the Prairie.  I breathed a great sigh of relief when she said it, because we've had more than a few tears over addition this year. Addition?    We will survive the next twelve years of school, I'm sure, but I'm ready for the summer!

AK's school is an IB school, which means that all of the activities are centered around a theme, or a Unit of Inquiry.  Currently, our theme involves caring for our world.  It's been interesting to see how she brings home what she learns and applies it.  For instance, yelling, "AIR POLLUTION!!" as we walk past the smokers around the bus stop is not likely what her teacher had in mind, but she's gotten the message.  She's indignant when we see trash on the ground ("We don't litter, Mama!").  I've reached my limit of "art" that she's brought home from recyclable materials.  No matter what color you paint old tissue and juice boxes, it's still trash.  Down the chute it goes.  There is absolutely no room in our 1400 square feet for someone else's rubbish.

My favorite application of her classroom lessons happened tonight during prayer time. We had the typical prayer: thanking God for her family, the butterflies, and so on.  She did leave the unicorns out this time, but her closing statement was the clincher...

"....and help us remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  Amen!"


kathryn patton said...

I will let her help Inga and PaPa do better with our recycling. Glad she has had a good year. Can't wait until she can tell us about things in person instead of on FaceTime.

Alicia said...

It is 4 AM. I cannot sleep, so I checked the blog. And now I am struggling not to giggle so loudly so as to wake the dog.
Amen, indeed.