Wednesday, January 12, 2011

01-10-11 NotWhatIPlanned

If my camera hadn't eaten the pictures I made this morning, you'd be looking at the winder wonderland of snow that we enjoyed playing in. You'd see Ben marching through the front yard and Anna Kate sledding down the front hill. But instead, there's nothing.
I am NOT happy with my camera.
Instead, I do have a little glimpse of our snow preparedness efforts:

After playing outside, the day went downhill. After holding The Boy for most of the day, his 104.1 temperature and nearly inconsolable state helped us decide to take him to Levine to get him checked out. Sure, a trip to our pediatrician or the urgent care would have been sufficient, but a little snow paralyzed Charlotte and closed nearly everything. Two hours, a diagnosed ear infection, and an antibiotic later, we were back home. Thank You, God, for 4 wheel drive trucks.

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