Sunday, January 23, 2011

01-21-11 Flowergirl

Today, we took a trip to David's Bridal so Anna Kate could try on the dress she'll wear in Cousin Andrea's wedding in May.
(Sidenote:  the size FOUR fit her perfectly. Who sizes these things?)
When I told her why we were going to this store, she replied, "Will I get to open the door and show lots of people how I look?" 
I guess I watch too much "What Not to Wear".
Indeed, she did come out to show us how she looked.
I suppose you could say that her inner princesss was channelled. 
She danced.
She pranced.
She twirled, curtsied, and grinned.
She sat down and was surrounded by crinolines. What a thrill!
I told her she looked like a cupcake.
"Yeah!", she replied.  "A cupcake princess".

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