Wednesday, February 2, 2011

01-28-11 Missing Sis

Anna Kate went home with Inga last Friday afternoon, and we have missed her so much! It has been nice, however, to not have to say, "Anna Kate!  What happened?!?"  when Ben screams and cries. In fact, he hasn't screamed or cried at all since she left.  Hmmmm..... 
So, Ben hasn't missed the unwanted hugs, having his toys ripped from his hands, or having to play what she wants to play all of the time.
I haven't missed having to dress Giovanna (the Cabbage Patch Girl) in her ballet slippers, which are nearly impossible to tie.  I haven't missed the tooth brushing struggle.  I haven't missed the nightly "Go back to bed!" "But I have ONE thing to tell you!!" ritual. 
But, I have missed her giggle, her jokes, and her stories that always start with, "Well, you know, Mama...".
I have missed the spontaneous "I Love You!"s and the hugs.
I have missed reading Little House in the Big Woods each night as we snuggle before bed and say prayers.
I've missed my girl.  I'll be happy to have her back!

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