Wednesday, February 2, 2011

02-01-11 Reader

Each night after we read a chapter book together and say prayers, Anna Kate reads to her menagerie of animals in her bed (Fly Flock Peck, her bald eagle, is beside her tonight).
Each night I want to stand quietly outside her door and listen.  Tonight, she's reading the Bible. Our conversation went something like this:
AK - "I finished the Bible.  I think I'll start over with the New Testament.  The Old Testament has some scary [raises hands like a monster for emphasis] stories in it!"
Me - "Well, those are just stories that God wants us to know so we can learn from them."
AK (With an eyeroll) - "I KNOW, Mama.  I've read this Bible like a thousand times."
Carry on, then.  Carry on.

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