Sunday, February 13, 2011

02-05-11 It's a Circus!

To celebrate all of the February birthdays, the Patton side of the family took a trip to the circus.  Of course, all of the usual jokes were made:  "Why go when you live in one?" et al.

The last time we went to the circus, Anna Kate was a week away from being three, and we thought she'd love it.  After fifteen minutes of circus, the french fries were gone, and she announced she was "done".  We suffered through the rest of it, and the animals made the second half worth staying for. 

This time, she waited until thirty minutes into the act before she asked if it was time to go home.  Evidently, the clown slapstick that does indeed go on and on is not what she comes to the circus for.  It's cotton candy and animals.  Once again, after the  animals appeared, she settled in to enjoy the show.  She and Emma enjoyed their respective cotton candy and sno cone while taking in the action.

Ben took turns with Ben and me walking the concourse during the first half, but he settled in with Uncle Stephen and others to enjoy the second half.  Through signs, he'll tell you that there were horses and elephants at the circus.

We enjoyed the preshow on the stage floor, and the girls even got to meet a clown.

The general consensus after the show was that the six adults likely enjoyed it more than the three kids!

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