Friday, September 2, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

Last weekend, we enjoyed a Chinese lunch of ramen, rice, buns, dumplings, and crispy chicken. 

AK decided that she actually liked the ramen, after she finally tasted it. 

I discoved that I really like lemon tea, and it's almost an acceptable substitute for real sweet tea. 

Ben and I did our best to eat the entire meal with chopsticks, and neither of us left hungry.  B3 screamed and cried because he didn't have any chopsticks and tried desperately to steal mine (actually, he was a complete helllion during the entire meal; but that's another post for another day. One entitled, "Why must Two be so Terrible?").  So, I promised them both I'd buy them chopsticks. 

I remembered seeing some at Carrefour, so I surprised them a few days later.  They both enjoyed playing with them with beads, little wads of paper, and a dump truck. 

We haven't eaten a meal with them yet, but I think I'll have some forks handy...just in case.

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