Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Almost There

We could not be happier to be sleeping in our own beds, using spoons that don't bend in the ice cream, and playing with our very own toys (or the boxes that delivered those toys).  The container was parked somewhere down the street, but I didn't have a chance to go find it to take its picture.  We worked non-stop unpacking boxes as they were brought in.  From the container down the street, they loaded our stuff onto a smaller truck and drove it to the basement lift to our tower.

From there, the boxes enjoyed a trip up 12 stories in a very well padded elevator.  They were then welcomed to their new home, which was also well wrapped to avoid wall damage.

B3 quickly made himself a little play area behind some boxes, and he was quite content to sit there and play while we worked.

Until the sofa arrived, that is.  Then, he made a little nest for himself and his dump truck and asked for a movie and a snack.  We were more than happy to oblige, since we were both working as hard as we could to empty boxes before we were out of space.

Both he and Ak were thrilled with the way the move changed our habits. They loved that when the table looks like this,

It meant that dinner looked like this:

In fact, they were visibly (and audibly) disappointed the next day when the table was excavated enough to eat breakfast on.  I think they really thought we'd have dinner (delivered by KFC) on Ikea buckets in front of the TV from then on. 

 It was almost like Christmas to open a box and discover treasures we'd been missing.  Of course, there have been some surprises; there is always something that makes its way into a box when it shouldn't have.  Our favorite discoveries so far:
  • A 30 something year old Disney souvenir. Sure, we all love Pluto, but why did he make the trip?  Better yet, why do I still have him at all? 
  • Textbooks. Probability, Statistics, International Business, and more. I'm fairly certain those haven't been opened since we finished grad school in 2002, but they've been moved 4 times now, including 2 international moves.  I think they might be introduced to the trash chute before they make another.  I'm fairly certain the textbooks were on the same shelf with Pluto. 
  • Heartworm pills for a dog we left in Georgia.  Sorry, Daisy.  Oh, wait - I wonder if Pluto needs them?
  • Water.  In a teapot.  G.R.O.S.S.  And a little unbelievable.
Despite days of hard work, there are still several boxes to unpack. The problem explanation is that we brought too many lots of books and way too much  a beautiful stash of fabric.  We'll find a place for everything eventually.  Until then, we're enjoying our stuff!

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Donna said...

Oh my goodness! I cannot even begin to imagine what a headache that was to unpack and then find a place for everythign! I know you're so happy YOUR stuff is there though. I'm sure by now everything is put away and it definitely feels and smells like home:)