Monday, September 5, 2011

Where We Live: Take a Walk

After AK gets on the bus at 7:45 am each morning, B3 and I are on our own for the day.  Sometimes, we walk with B2 to the train station or we go to the market.  There's really no need to get in much of a hurry, because nothing around us opens before 9:30, and most things don't open until well after that. 

Our complex has a little trail that meanders around the second floor of the buildings, and B3 enjoys walking there in the mornings.  Predictably, he'll pull on flowers, try to separate the tree's roots, and talk to the cars in the car park below us. 

Some of the plants and flowers are familiar; either I've seen them as houseplants or growing in Florida or Hawaii.

For instance, there are schefflera plants everywhere.  We've had one of these as a houseplant forever, so it's nothing new.  It IS different to see them just growing along the sidewalk.

And, this one's for you, Tonya.  Isn't this the KK12 Plant That Would Not Die?  I think of you and laugh each time I pass by, which is daily.  Many times a day, in fact.

Some plants are all new and fun.  I think these are all varieties of Heliconias:

There are many different types of palm trees, but this type has amazing roots.  B3 never fails to stop and try to separate the roots.

This one has the best hair:

Then, there are staghorn ferns in some of our trees.  Mom, these are a bit bigger than that one you tried to grow years ago.

There are frangipani trees, too.

Perhaps you've seen them in Hawaii or even Florida (not sure about FL), but The Patton/Marion/Richwine families know the frangipani from another source - The Big Orange Splot , an all-time favorite book:
AK was excited to see the same kinds of tree that Mr. Plumbean planted in his yard!

There are other flowers, too...

There's a foot reflexology area, which I don't yet understand:

Another favorite spot is the Koi Pond, where AK and B3 enjoy feeding and watching the fish  and I try to figure out how I'm going to extract them from the water when they fall in. It hasn't happened yet, but it's only a matter of time before it does. 

All around the property, there are little gazebos with grill and picnic areas. These are also good for climbing in and out and in and out and in and out of chairs if you're two and a half.

Nestled behind the kiddie pool in the back of the complex, there's a small playground.  If you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a little monkey playing there as you walk by:

We're enjoying our new home, and we're thankful for fun things to see right outside our door each day!


Alicia said...

Found this link; apparently it's a big deal. Take off your shoes and have a go.
Link features parks in SINGAPORE!

Chrystal said...

Did you take all of the pictures of the flowers? Awesome photography!!! Missing you . . .

Wendi said...

Great pics.... Thx for letting us have a glimpse of Singapore!