Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

I knew that the calendar said that Easter was the weekend after we returned from Spring Break, but it was somewhat of a surprise to realize that it was suddenly here.  We didn't have the normal warming days, blooming daffodils, and fantastic chocolate selections to cue the changing seasons.  After all, it's been Summer for as long as we've been in Singapore.

The stores have had a meager stock of Easter candy, but $8 for a bag of our favorites was a little too much for the Easter Bunny.  I did notice these in one of our stores.  Perhaps it's not really an Easter item, but who wouldn't want a Chocolate Pope?

The weekend started on Friday since it was a holiday for both Ben and AK.  We decided to go to the zoo and have breakfast.  We've been planning to go for months and just never quite made it.  Also, B3 asked to go to the zoo all week, so a trip was inevitable. 

Breakfast at the zoo is your typical buffet.  That is, until the guests show up. 
Meet Mika, the milk snake.  As soon as she was introduced and folks were invited to come have a closer look, AK was in line.  I stood only close enough to take the picture and regretted not having a zoom lens(sadly, I forgot the 'real' camera; the phone is a pitiful substitute, but it's all I had).  Not only did she hold it, but the snake's handler had to gently prod AK to give the snake back.  AK later returned for more snake holding fun.  She couldn't get enough!

B3 has to do what his sister does, so he, too, was determined to hold Mika.  It didn't take long for him to have enough; he quickly declined a repeat visit with the snake. 

While AK certainly enjoyed the snake ("She tickled me with her tongue!", AK reported happily), it wasn't the star attraction at breakfast.  That distinction goes to the other invited guests - Orangutans!

It was fun to see these incredible animals up close.  The babies were so cute, and the adults were enjoying their breakfasts (not from our buffet) as we posed. 

Our next stop, at AK's request, was to the Splash Safari show which features a Sea Lion named Philip.  He swims and splashes, and both AK and B3 are big fans.  Of course, they insisted on going to the front after the show to see and feel the action up close.
I'm not sure what the appeal of being splashed by a sea lion is, but it may have been the highlight of their day.  I've learned not to ask; it's better if I don't know that the pool water soaking was more of a thrill than breakfast with orangutans. 

After the show, B3 requested a visit with the zebras.  We did the quickest possible tour of that side of the zoo as the sky turned grey and the thunder rolled.  Sure enough, the clouds opened just as we hit a covered restaurant area.  We found a dry place to sit, and we snacked while we waited on it to pass. 

Unfortunately, it didn't pass. Instead, Ben became one of those people wearing the $5 lime green orangutan poncho while the other three of us squished under our one umbrella as we dashed for the taxi queue.  It was a short day at the zoo, but it was certainly a fun one!

Friday evening, a friend came over and dyed eggs with us.  B3 was uncharacteristically uninterested in the entire egg dyeing procedure.  He dunked one into the "John Deere" bucket of dye, and he was done.  Oh well; the girls (and their moms) had a great time!

Although AK was excited about the dyeing of eggs, she was more thrilled that we would "make Grandmama's special Easter Eggs" with the dyed eggs.  It took me a moment to realize that she was looking forward to deviled eggs.  In her mind, it seems, those are a rare treat only had after dyeing eggs at Grandmama's house.  (Of course, her version is pickle free. I'm told she looks like me, but I'm not sure how any child who shares my DNA would eschew pickles!) 
Saturday morning, we took the bikes out for a spin.  Both AK and B3 are fairly new to their bikes; AK has mastered riding without training wheels;  B3's legs have grown just enough that he can use his balance bike that he got for his birthday.  They're both doing great!

In the afternoon, AK attended a classmate's birthday party.  She had a great time playing with her friends, and the moms enjoyed sitting by the pool (in the rain) chatting and snacking on party food.  She was thrilled with her face paint, yet she couldn't understand why I insisted that it come off before bedtime.  Obviously, from the chocolate around her mouth, she enjoyed the cake, too.

AK wondered if the Easter Bunny would find us, and indeed he did.  He even brought AK the "giant chocolate bunny" she had been hoping for. 

B3 wasn't sure what to do with his basket at first, but he soon discovered the goodness it held:  gummy bears, stamps and an ink pad, and match box cars. 
After church, we had a little impromptu photo shoot outside.  Here are some favorites. 

And yes, that's a huge green bruise on B3's forehead.  That's what happens when you're three and you pitch a fit in the kitchen and you head-butt the granite countertops.  As hard headed as he is, the granite is still harder.  Even if he is a really, really good fit pitcher.  

It was so nice to have a three day weekend! 

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This post just appeared!! It is April 23rd. We still enjoyed reading it and the pictures are great. Thanks for every post and picture!