Friday, April 6, 2012

Mercy Watson Goes to School

AK enjoyed Book Week this week at school, and the celebrating ended on Thursday with Character Dress Up Day. If left to her own imagination, she would have likely insisted on full Pioneer Girl gear- boots, long sleeves, crinoline, and bonnet - in honor of Either Laura Ingalls or Kirsten Larsen, Favorite American Girl of the Moment. There really wasn't time to pull that together, so I tried to steer her towards something a little more practical. It's too hot for multiple layers anyway. 

Thankfully, I was able to plant the idea into her head that dressing up as Mercy Watson was the way to go. She's loved Mercy for a while; they're kindred spirits, in fact. They both profess a love of warm buttered toast and buttered popcorn. All she needed to be thrilled to be Mercy was a mask made from a copy of a book cover, a popcorn bucket, and a pipe cleaner tail.

 B3 and I went to her school to enjoy the parade of characters, and what a parade it was!  There were an unimpressive number of kids dressed in recycled Halloween costumes, and it was a little disturbing to see ten year olds dressed as Katniss Everdeen.  Still, it was a fun celebration of books that brought back fond memories of similar parades from 30+ years ago.  I think the Kings Creek community might still be talking about the year the Patton Girls appeared as Pinocchio and Gepeto.  AK beamed when she reported that her school librarian commented, "Oh, Mercy Watson...great book!  Good choice, AK!", as she paraded across the stage. 
If you have a 4-8 year old and you haven't met Mercy, check her out!  She's certainly a favorite at our house. 


Alicia said...

Love Mercy, and AK as Mercy was terrific! And yes, I am sure Pinnochio and Gepetto live on in book parade lore!

Jean said...

She would be anyone's favorite!

kathryn patton said...

Mercy is my favorite pig, especially the one in this picture!