Monday, April 30, 2012

A Star Is Born

A few months ago, AK's school announced that tryouts would be held for a spring play, The Wizard of Oz.  When I asked her if she'd like to participate, she only had to think a moment.

"Yes!" She was thrilled.  "I'll be Dorothy!"

Uh Oh. 

"Actually,"  I said, "They will likely save the big parts for the older girls...but I know there will be something special for the KG2 (Kindergarten in Singapore terms) girls."

She thought just a minute and then smiled, obviously pleased.  "I'll be Toto, then!"

Well, it turns our our girl was perfect in the role of a Munchkin/Osian.  So, for three months, we've practiced after school and during the past two weekends.  We've sung all of the songs until I find myself humming them or even singing them out loud nearly all day. Every Day. 

Ben and I have laughed at the way words like "backstage", "my cues", "props", "miked" "cast" "main characters" and more have become part of her everyday vocabulary.  Never once has she complained about practice or the long weekend hours she's spent at school while the rest of us played. 

You may know that Ben spent much of the last two weeks in Venice.  If not for rehearsals of this production, we all may very well have had an Italian stamp in our passports.  Tonight was the big show, and I can say whole heartedly that it was worth staying home for.  I'm not sure she realizes that she wasn't the main reason why there was a packed house.   We appreciate that she has felt as much a part of the show as she would have as Dorothy. 

So, here she is. Our Munchkin. 
Yes, the bows are ridiculous.  She was encouraged to have "munchkin hair" and even wear makeup.  It was a first for her - blush and eyeshadow.  She wasn't much of a fan, however, so I don't think she'll be asking for her own anytime soon.  The bows, by the way, were a helpful way to spot her in the crowd. 

Here's a  video of her in action.  Just look for the pink bows :)  It's long and not the best quality, but it will have to do.  Rest assured, we'll have a professionally recorded version very soon.  I'm certain it will be on constant replay for the next several weeks. 

SAIS Wizard of Oz Video

All in all, it was a really, really well done production!  I was proud to be a Munchkin's mama, and I don't think we've seen AK's last performance.  She had a wonderful time, and I bet she'll be singing those songs for years to come.  I can't wait!

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kathryn patton said...

She is the prettiest Munchkin on stage, I'll bet not another one did a better job singing and whatever else a Munchkin does! She looked thrilled to be performing in every picture.