Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nightly Ritual

Every family has them - their nightly rituals.  Our family's is quite ordinary.  We brush teeth, say prayers, read a book (or  three books or a chapter), give good night kisses, and turn out the light. 

Boring, right?  Pretty much.

Until recently.  Not long ago, B3 began to display a little rebellion by getting out of his bed after we've turned the lights out (or pulled the drapes at rest time).  At first, the signs were subtle.  Books from the shelf would be in his bed; the dump truck would be driven across the room.  Even though he was playing and reading, he'd make his way back to bed before falling asleep. 

That all changed earlier this month.  When Ben checked on him one night, he quickly called me to his room, saying that he was a little startled to find B3's bed empty.  Instead, we saw this:

Luckily, he's a sound sleeper.

Then next day, he actually napped. These days, that only happens about 1 out of 3 or 4 days.  Other days, he's too busy driving trucks or reading books or making 3456 trips to the potty to really sleep.  But nap he did. 

In his  chair.  Again.

Night after night, it's the same. We put them to bed, go about our nightly routines of washing dishes and making lunches and watching NCIS (God bless the landlord supplied DVR). 

And looking forward to seeing where he's sleeping tonight. 

Here are some favorite bedtime shots from the past two weeks.

We're confident that his choice of sleeping place is his way of pushing buttons.  He's testing the boundaries and he thinks he's a rebel.  So far, however, he's staying in his room. For that, we are grateful, and we're enjoying his sleeping adventures as much as he is!


kathryn patton said...

Those pictures are precious! I see no rebellion anywhere!

Chrystal said...

The third from last picture is my favorite! How in the world can he sleep like that?!? It's funny though because Preston is doing the SAME thing!!! He's gotten better about staying in bed at night time, but he definitely loves sleeping in his rocker, just like Ben! Crazy boys!

Donna said...

RA was a champ at this at that age, too. It must be a phase. I love all the different poses! I'm seeing a shutterfly book being made of all of the pics!