Saturday, August 27, 2011

Do You Know the Chicken Man?

My grocery delivery experment was a success, and the day after I shopped, my trolley full of groceries arrived at my door.  I had no idea how they would arrive, so I was surprised to see this after the delivery guy left:

Encouraged by the success of delivery, I decided to conduct another shopping experiment inspired by months of internet research.  I've been reading several Blogs about Singapore life for a few months, and this blog post is bookmarked on my tool bar.  I refer to it several times a week, if not daily. 

In case you're not a link clicker, the link is to a post detailing a lengthy list of helpful information for Singapore. She gives the contact information for a chicken delivery guy, known far and wide as "The Chicken Man".  The very idea of The Chicken Man intrigued me, and I couldn't wait to give him a call.  First, I had to get a phone, and my very first call (other than a call to Ben) was to The Chicken Man (It should come as no surprise that he was my first call. No, Not because I'm such a chicken fan, but because I know no one on this island to call).   His prices are about 1/2 of what our closest grocery store charges, and he delivers.  Sign me up!

 The day after I called, my doorbell rang, and there he was. The Chicken Man. Chicken in hand:

 As we chatted, he actually referred to himself as "The Chicken Man", and I couldn't help but laugh. I did try not to think about the similarity between his red bag and the biohazard bags we became familiar with in our Appendicitis/RSV hospital experiences earlier this year, but I got over it as I calculated our savings. 
I'll definitely be calling The Chicken Man again soon. 


Leone said...

So glad that Andrea's blog helped you find "The Chicken Man" .... that particular blog post is very popular (as is Andrea herself!) I will link you thru to her too.

L x

Andrea said...

Funny that I just now saw this post. :) Thanks for the linkage. Glad you enjoy the post and the chicken.