Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Renegade Trend Setter

In the two weeks we've been here, at least 4 strangers have stared at, pointed at, or petted AK's head.  It seems that her bows are quite a novelty.  In the Ikea ice cream line (it was free!  do they do that in the States??), one lady nearly pulled her pretty pink bow out trying to get a better look. 
"Is it clip?"  She asked, after she yanked. 
"Yes, it's clip", I responded, as I silently prayed for AK not to squeal at the curious stranger.
"Oh!  So Nice!"  She smiled.

On Back to School night, I was talking to one of AK's classmates' mom.  "Oh!  You're AK's Mom!", she said.  "My daughter loves AK!"  She went on to say that her daughter had begun to want to wear her hair pulled back, on the side, in a clip, just like AK, instead of her usual headband.

I'm not sure what the attraction is; I've seen small bows for sale here.  Maybe it's the Southern Big Bow style they're after. 
Perhaps I see a business opportunity...

She's been wearing a navy bow everyday so far. Navy because it matches her uniform.  Navy because her mother is a rule follower and read that "hair clips should conform to the color palette dictated by the uniform policy".

AK, however, has taken every opportunity to point out that navy is dull.  Navy is boring.  Navy isn't pink or even green or lavender. Her brother calls navy "gack", which is B3 speak for black. 

"See, mama?  He can't say black. Or even navy.  He can say pink.  Please, mama, can I wear a pink bow?" (He can't really; it sounds more like a sound a pig might make).  She's been campaigning relentlessly for a week.  "My friend wears a pink bow or even a red one, and our teacher doesn't complain..."

I caved. Tomorrow, she's wearing a pink bow.  Because secretly, I agree.  Navy is boring. 


Alicia said...

Go AK! Show 'em how o put a little colt in their day!

Donna said...

Yes, Kristin! Make up a bunch of bows and have them in your bag ready to sell the next time someone "like":) Those people would go crazy on Sunday mornings in the South...or any morning for that matter!!
-From your friend who's daughter wore a boring, navy big bow to school this morning:)