Monday, August 22, 2011

New Sunday School

Yesterday was our first trip to church as a family since moving. Ben and I visited a service in July, but AK and B3 had not yet been.  Both were exited to take a taxi across town, but AK was less than thrilled to be there once we arrived. She's been talking about Sunday School all week, but when we got there, she was stuck to me like a sock sticks with static in the Winter time.  I could barely fill out the registration forms; she simply could not peel herself off of me!  She was uncharacteristically clingy when we found her classroom, and I had to walk her in.  After she spotted the playdough, she finally managed to let go and find her way to the table. 

When we picked her up, she couldn't wait to tell us that one of her friends from school was in her Sunday School class!  Her joy was evident; it was "just like North Carolina," she reported.  Even the story of the Good Samaritan was familiar, so all was well.  I think we'll be a little more eager to go next week.

B3 seemed to enjoy his class, too.  We had to laugh when we peeked thru the one way mirror at all of his class without their shoes and socks on.  Our class was strangely reminiscent of our first Sunday School visit at Carmel. When we first visited in 2004, the class we went to was full of couples just like us - new to Charlotte. Many of the people we met yesterday had been in Singapore for only a few weeks, just like us.  Several have been here for a few years (or forever!), so it seems like a good fit for us. We'll see.

Later in the afternoon, we took a walk to the mall to buy an iron and some groceries.  The one that came with our apartment is cute and pink; unfortunately, "cute" doesn't really matter when I'm ironing.  So, we bought one that will (we hope) actually remove wrinkles from our clothes.  While we were there, AK and B3 enjoyed some ice cream from Burger King.  Normally, B3 doesn't get to partake of good stuff like ice cream since he and dairy products don't usually agree with each other, but we simply could not resist a boy who says, "Me!  Burger King Ice Cream!"  Besides, it isn't fair to AK to never have a treat because her brother shouldn't have it, either.  So, ice cream it was!
I don't know if BK in the States still gives out crowns, but let me tell you that these 2 are certainly  now fans of BK.  I remember loving the crown as a kid, and it's obvious that it hasn't lost its appeal in 30 years. 

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You make us so happy with these posts!