Monday, August 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Yesterday, we made it to the 11th floor condo that is home.  AK and B3 seem to love it.  B3 has construction sites to watch, and AK is generally happy wherever she is.  We filled our taxi once again with luggage (even thought Ben had already delivered 2 to our apartment).
(this is the view inside the van - stroller is at the ceiling.  I'm so glad we didn't have to stop suddenly; all of this would have been in my lap since we were rear facing in the taxi.  Yikes!)

Ben and I immediately began to unload suitcases and try to sort what we had brought.  The movers missed a closet during packing, so we stuck some winter items in a bag so that we'd have a few cold weather things.  Little did I know that would provide hours of dress up fun in a tropical climate....

Today, AK and B3 got their first taste of what a real taxi feels like.  I'm not fond of putting them in a car without carseats, but it's a necessity around here.  We'll get our car eventually, but until then, we'll do what we can.  They both loved the ride!

We went to Ikea to buy some necessities like bookshelves and pots and clothespins.  Little did we know that half of the entire population of Singapore would be there.  Actually, they weren't shopping; they were all in the restaurant. Who knew Asians liked Swedish meatballs so much??

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