Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Holidays and Kindergarten - August 9

Yesterday, AK and I set off on a little adventure of our own to find school uniforms.  The Bens stayed home to meet the cleaning lady (who was supposed to clean before we moved in ) and the Ikea delivery guys.  I had the name and address of the store that sold uniforms, and I had a vague idea of where it was based on 17 year old memories.  So, off we went in a taxi to Holland Village.

She was THRILLED to try on and buy uniforms!  her school requires a back pack and hat, too, so she looks like she's ready for quite an excursion, and she couldn't be any happier.  Of course, she was a little sad that a 'dress' wasn't an option, but she's satisfied for a skort (which she quickly chose over the shorts alternative). 

After the uniforms (and a pink sparkly headband and princess Jibbitz for her Crocs) were purchased, we went in search for lunch.  She proudly announced that it was our "Kindergarten celebration" lunch, so it had to be good. I knew that Holland Village had tons of options since it's home to many, many expats, so I wondered what she would choose.  I keep looking for an opportunity to ease her into the local favorites, but we have 2 issues with that.  First, I want to make sure we choose something that she'll like so she doesn't automatically hate all Asian food, and I'm not at all sure what to choose.  And, second, she says it all "smells".  Well, she's right about that.  Anyway, I steered her down a street away from the Wendy's sign that I saw peeking around the corner ahead. 

And there it was. 
She spotted it first. 
Cha Cha Cha.
Mexican food. 
Once they learn to read, the gig is really up, huh?   No denying it; she saw the chips and salsa.  She spied the sombrero.  We were having nachos for lunch. 

She enjoyed every bite and had enough sour cream to fill her quota for a month. 

After the fabulous nacho lunch, we decided to have our toes painted.  It was her first experience with a pedicure, and I'm afraid that it won't be her last. She loved it. 
 Perhaps it was getting to choose the color all by herself - "I'm a Kindergartener, Mama.  I can make great choices now!" Perhaps it was being called 'Princess' by the entire salon's staff.  She was not thrilled, however, to learn that school requires shoes that will always cover those pretty toes.  "There's always the weekend...and pooltime!" she sighed.

 After the pedicure, we decided to take the train home. First, we had to take a bus to the train station, which was AK's first experience with public transportation in Singapore. She couldn't understand why we didn't hop on the first bus we saw, but she quickly learned to spot the bus number and look for the correct bus. Yesterday was National Day (more on that later), so both trains we took to get home were packed. She was thrilled to ride the train and handled all 12 escalators we encountered like a pro. She's had trouble with them in the past, but no more - "I'm a Kindergartener, and I can do this all by my self!!".
Notice a pattern? Kindergarten is, evidently, life changing. Even before the first day of school arrives.

On the train.

Back to National Day...

Singapore celebrated its 46th birthday yesterday, and the whole island proudly decorated in red and white to celebrate. Flags  and banners were everywhere.  The Subway was packed with people in red shirts. 

 Our Condo building - flags all around the entrance

 Banners of all descriptions on every post.

We knew there was a parade but couldn't find out where or when it was.  Finally, we figured out it wasn't a parade like we have on the 4th of's a stage production.   It's sort of like the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, only it's all about Singapore.  As we watched it on TV last night, it was a little crazy to look out our window and realize that we could see where it was taking place - right outside our window. 

Ben called us to the window just as we were returning from a quick swim last night.  This is what we saw:

 Three helicopters carrying the Singapore flag over the Parade area.  There was also a military flyover, which B3 loved. 

Then, right at 8 pm, the fireworks started.  Again, right outside our window.  No worries about trying to go somewhere to see them at bedtime.  No trouble for AK, who enjoys the show but detests the booms and cracks (and loud noises in general).  Perfect. 


Alicia said...

I skipped breakfast today (my first day of school) so I could read EVERY word of this! I am SO glad you are writing this! Can't wait to read what comes next!

Jean said...

Mom's day out with her Princess!!
So Sweet!

Jean said...

Smart Anna Kate to think about weekend with pool time to show off her toes!!!!

Donna said...

These posts just keep getting better and better! Love the picture of AK getting her pedicure. What a memory!