Saturday, August 13, 2011

School Preview

Today, at approximately 9:30 am, I had a shocking revelation.

Our Girl starts Kindergarten on Monday.  As in, two days from now.  Monday.

I knew it was coming; I bought the uniforms.  I've been talking it up for months.  I've filled out the forms.
But today, it hit me. Kindergarten?  Kindergarten!

It became a little more real today when we visited her school, Stamford American International School for a day of orientation.  We got there early, so we were able to sit down for the speeches and presentation of the teachers.  Unfortunately, they were about 15 minutes late in starting and the speeches were too long. We finally made it to AK's classroom where she played games and met some of her future classmates.

She's looking forward to Monday  when she'll put on her uniform and officially become a Kindergartener. No doubt about it; she's ready.  I hope we are, too!


Donna said...

We are actually getting ready to run out the door for that same orientation/see the classroom! I talk about it for months but when it comes around, it is sad. We start on Thurs:(

Jean said...

I am loving this blog! Amazing that I know more about Anna Kate and Ben now than before they left the country! Adorable picture of AK at the desk!!!