Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Experiments in Shopping

***anyone know why the pictures won't import?  Help me!***

Today, B3 and I went shopping and filled a cart with laundry soap, bottled water, cereal, crackers, and baking supplies. 
Then, we came home empty handed.  We're trying out the Carrefour home delivery service for the first time. I realize that grocery delivery is nothing new, but it's certainly new to us.  I admit, it felt a little peculiar to leave $240 worth of stuff in our trolley, but I'm confident that it will show up on our doorstep sometime between 9am and noon tomorrow. Unfortunately, I'll still need to go to the store again tomorrow since they don't deliver fresh or perishable foods. There are other stores that have online ordering and will deliver all items, and we'll be trying those out sooner or later. 

After our Carrefour shopping, we went to Daiso, which is a Japanese dollar store. Everything costs $2, and they sell everything from craft supplies to porcelain dishes. One day, when I have packed more snacks for my sidekick, I'll take pictures of some of the more interesting things I've seen there.  I'll just leave you with one picture I managed to take today. 

Why, yes, that is a terry cloth toilet seat cover.  No, not a lid cover.  A SEAT cover.  Christmas is coming....who wants one?


Donna said...

Oh, nasty!! A terry cloth seat cover?!!! If that was in my house, it would be soaked from a certain little boy who can't quite figure out that urine belongs IN the potty.

Alicia said...

Stephen would like to know what colors are available....we'd hate to be tacky!

Leone said...

Kristin ... FairPrice do a great on-line shop. By far cheaper than Carrefours.... they also have chilled goods like frozen veg / meats etc. They bring it right inside to my kitchen.

I only go to the supermarket for 'fresh' items once a week.

Otherwise it is too much (and too heavy) for me to carry home on the bus.

PHOTOS? hhmmm.. I did see where blogger was having a few issues, maybe that was one of them?

kristin said...

Leone, I'll try Fair Price (and Giant and others) soon, but for now, I'm still reading labels and learning brands. I'm not quite ready to order on line yet. I'm sure I will when our stuff arrives and I have more cooking options!