Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zoo Time

Yesterday was a national holiday, so we decided to take advantage of the day off and go to the zoo. Unfortunately, it seems that everyone within driving distance shared those thoughts. It was extremely crowded, and it was hot.  And sticky.  I think I'm going to just change the name of the blog to, "It was hot.  And sticky."  Because two or five or fifteen years from now when someone asks, "So, how was Singapore?"  I'm going to say, "It was hot.  And sticky."  (Sidenote:  It's also wonderful; we're really enjoying being here.  I'm not exactly complaining about the heat.  I just want you to know that it's not like we're in some sort of 78 degree weather warp where we have cool breezes and low humidity.  We have 89 degree weather, which would be tolerable, if it weren't 97% humidity.  Ever been in a sauna?  Yeah.  Every Day).

Where was I?  Oh, yes. The zoo.   Despite the crowds (and the humidity), AK and B3 had a great day.  Each time we would leave one exhibit and head for another, B3 would sign and say, "More?  More!" as he ran after his sister down the path. 

The orangutans were favorites.  They're more or less free-ranging; they have ropes going from one side of the path to the other, cris-crossing a large area.  It wasn't unusual to look up and see one right overhead.

We happened to be in the right place for their feeding time, too.

We saw giraffes,


gigantic tortoises,
and much, much more.

But of all the things we saw, B3's favorite might have been this one

the crane.  Also known in our house as Skinny, thanks to Mighty Machines.  Or Scary Snort, if you're a fan of Are You My Mother?  The boy loves construction equipment!

They both enjoyed the carousel (B3 insisted he wasn't finished riding, but, he certainly was).

B3 asked about elephants all morning, and we finally decided the only way to see them was to go to their show. He asked about them; he called them.  Finally, he saw them, and he was thrilled.  Until one trumpeted.  Into a microphone.  He was done.  He announced that they were "finished", even though they had yet to begin the show. He loudly told them , "bye bye"  over and over.  And he would not look at them at all.  Even a day later, he shakes his head no if I utter the word "elephant". 

Today we went early and stayed too late, which meant we felt (and perhaps looked) a little like these guys:

Since we bought season passes, we'll definitely be back to see the animals we didn't see yesterday and to see shows, including the elephants.

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