Monday, August 15, 2011

The First Day

We've been thinking about Kindergarten forever, but I didn't imagine it would go quite like it did today.
I didn't imagine leaving an apartment. 
In a Taxi.
Without carseats (B3 loves it; he's going to be sad the day we finally get a car and can strap him in).

To ride on the wrong side of the road.
In crazy city traffic.
To walk onto a campus where she knows no one.
With a girl wearing a uniform that says, "International School".

Where at least 3 languages (probably more like 8 or 10) can be heard at any given time.

But, parts of the morning were exactly as I pictured them...
The grin on her face as she said good morning.
Her inability to eat breakfast.
The cuteness of her standing there in her uniform.  Twenty minutes before she needed to be ready.
Her excitement as she marched towards her classroom with that big pack(and an Angry Bird) on her back.

A  halfhearted hold of my hand.
The way she marched into her classroom without even looking back. 
With only a little, tiny hug goodbye. That was far more my idea than hers. 

I can't wait to hear about her day!

All four of us went to school with her this morning to drop her off, and then Ben took the train to work from there.  B3 and I did a little shopping and then came home on the the rain. 

Then, B3 and I rode the train back to pick her up.  Again, in the rain.  Now I know why those rain covers for strollers are so popular - so you don't have to help your 2 year old hold the unbrella as you're walking...

She had a great day!  She met us with a grin on her face and stories to tell. 
Her three favorite things were (in order):
  1. Learning to say, "Ni hao" = "hello" in Chinese
  2. Art
I fully anticipated a tired girl, but she was incredibly hyper until well after her bedtime.  I think we sent her to bed at least 3 times before she managed to stay there.

Tomorrow, she rides the bus to school.  I tried to avoid the bus; in fact, we signed her up at the very last possible minute.  I've been dreading it.  Until today.  After 30 minutes in a S$21 taxi ride and 2 wet, sloppy hours to go back and get her on the train, the bus is looking better and better.   Couldn't we have taken a taxi back this afternoon to get her, despite the cost?  Well, actually, no.  It's nearly impossible to flag a taxi on the street when it's raining, and I don't  have a phone to call one (not that calling is any easier in the rain).  Tomorrow, the bus will pick her up at the same time we'd leave if we were taking a taxi, the train, or driving, and she's scheduled to get home about 40 minutes before we got home today. There's a "bus nanny" who will make sure she's buckled in and well cared for.  I'll miss hearing her stories on the ride home, but B3 will actually get to nap instead of fussing on a train/in a taxi.  We'll see how it goes!


Chrystal said...

Yeah!! You survived the first day of kindergarten. I can't wait to talk to AK about how exciting her day wasy. :)

Jean said...

Beautiful Anna Kate, looking so nice in your uniform! We are looking forward to your account of the first day.

Alicia said...

Thank you. Now I have that song stuck in my head. Why on EARTH did you feel the need to give us a link? sigh....

Chelle said...

I'm so glad she had a great first sounds like you had just as much of an adventure as she did!

Donna said...

Oh my goodness! You made me tear up!! We have our first K day in 2 days and I was fine until i read this!!! So glad everything went well. You are officially a parent of a Kindergartner now:)

Michelle said...

Wish there was a big like button.

Then an unlike button. Because it's happy and sad.

Leone said...

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Alicia said...

I just noticed---no black shoes! Is it white, after all?